The Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp is presented by ViAGO International Limited.

Attendees from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region travel to a remote mountain location for SIX days of intensive brain training.


The Boot Camp delivers these outcomes:

  • To learn the Thinking Processes and the behaviour shaping Performance Management tools
  • To align the efforts and effects of the functional areas of your organisation
  • To develop a solution for a subject area, for which no generic solution already exists

Plus any personal or business objectives which you’ve clarified with your presenters.


It’s a live-in, all-inclusive Boot Camp, at a mountain retreat, with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do… learn, eat, and sleep. That’s it.


The Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp is the ViAGO solution to understanding the mysterious world of creative problem solving, where cause-and-effect is blurry at best, foggy at worse, and experts seem to be constantly in disarray and disagreement as to what works and what does not.

Think faster, communicate more clearly and solve more complex problems with simpler solutions.

Getting Started

Use this enrollment key to enroll in the eLearning portal in order to access the BBIT taster courses.

You can also download the Black Belt in Thinking Brochure here.

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Peter Cronin


Peter Cronin – primary presenter



Graham Scott – primary presenter



Bruce Cronin – primary presenter



Jarrod Saxton – primary presenter


Bryce England – secondary presenter







The total fee for the course is made up of Tuition fee (charged in AUD) and Inclusions, i.e. direct costs, (charged in the local currency).

Australia: Tuition AUD$11,000 and Inclusions AUD$3,000. Plus local taxes, if any.

Germany: Tuition AUD$11,000 and Inclusions 2,500. Plus local taxes, if any.

USA: Tuition AUD$11,000 and Inclusions USD$3,000. Plus local taxes, if any.

Tuition discounts are available for group bookings: If you are sending ten or more people within 12 months (and no fewer than three on any single Boot Camp) the Tuition is reduced by 25% to 8,250 (plus Inclusions as above). You must commit to these minimum numbers in advance to receive this discount.

Fee Payment

A deposit equal to the Inclusions plus local taxes, if any, per person confirms your registration. The balance is due 10 days prior to the Boot Camp.


Your fee includes the following:

  • FIVE nights twin-share accommodation; same-sex and same-company shares (see below for Extras if you want a separate room, or if you need to arrive a day earlier or leave a day later)
  • Food and drink served during the breaks
  • Pens, workbooks, etc
  • WiFi access (where possible)


Your fee excludes the following:

  • Bar, mini-bar and other incidental charges
  • Phone calls
  • Meals and accommodation outside the Boot Camp schedule

Please settle any of the above items with the venue on check-out.


You may pre-book and settle the following with the venue:

  • Pre- or post-event accommodation

Refund Policy

All deposits (Inclusions component of the course fee) are non refundable. The remainder of the fee (Tuition component of the course fee) is fully refundable or transferable to a future event.

Special Pricing

Special pricing applies for:

  • 2nd and 3rd Dan attendees
  • Jonah upgrades (attendees who are already a qualified Jonah)
  • NGOs and Nonprofits
  • Academia

The Special Pricing is made up of Tuition @ 50% off full fee (AUD$5,500) and Inclusions (either AUD$3,000 / 2,500 / USD$3,000). Plus local taxes, if any.