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Black Belt in Thinking


The Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp addresses two training fears:


The fear that it will be difficult to make a significant difference, rapidly, to what seems like a "stuck" situation: difficult because of external factors and/or the buy-in of people ... and ...


The fear that "education" does not translate into action ...


Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp Graduates are expected to implement powerful business solutions, within 90 days, which far outweigh the time and money invested in the boot camp.


If you've been sent to this site by a Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp Graduate, then you already know what's possible...




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What did participants have to say?


"I’ve had my thought process deconstructed to understand what I’m thinking." – Ralph


"8 long days, 7 short nights. Should be worth a million bucks." – Nigel


"A boot camp for building clarity on the way forward for your business." – Peter


"This is a must-do course for any business that wants to grow rapidly."


"Having your brain broken down into tiny pieces then reconstructed." – Adelie


"It makes you really think." – Eric


"We Luuuuuv it – Gives you the tools to resolve your own problems." – Volodya


"Epic feeling about not knowing your own brain." – Chris


"Epic course; am now brain-dead but look forward to implementing at work and life."


"Failed at Spanish, failed at French, [this is the] easiest foreign language I’ve ever learnt. Now I’ve got to buy a beer!" - Julian


Are you a fast, intuitive problem solver, solving on the fly by getting into action Or do you prefer to research a problem before committing to take action?


The Boot Camp will help you to increase your intuitive speed, while also developing your ability to debug a solution (on the fly, or before taking action).



Do you like to get "buy-in" from people before implementing a change Or do you prefer to let the facts of the change speak for themselves?


The Boot Camp will help you to bring others along in the change process, by increasing your ability to communicate the changes in a compelling, clear and logical way.



Do you prefer a stable, steady environment Or do you like to stir things up?


The Boot Camp will help you to understand why (and how) systems or workplaces become very stable, and how to safely change and improve things, rapidly, without creating undesirable instability.



Do you like systems, rules and structures Or do you challenge the rules and run your own race?


The Boot Camp will help you to understand and modify systems rapidly; you can have the security and stability that systems and rules provide, while understanding how to change things quickly (even breaking the rules) when needed.



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