Deep problem analysis and solution course.

Five modules. Five weeks.


Problems don’t exist in isolation. Most situations have multiple problems which are related but different. Issues often snowball or feed into others in any given area. This can make analysis and solution building difficult.

However, if we analyse the situation correctly, we can uncover the core problem clearly. This sets a platform for powerful solutions which can solve multiple problems in one go. We also future proof our situation by understanding the underlying causes and can see them again in the future.

Reality Engineering builds on tools learned in Foundations to analyse whole areas involving multiple problems and solve them. As well as further developing your critical thinking analysis and problem solving skills by digging deeper into cause and effect and getting clearer on assumptions.

Module 1

Subject Area

Get clear on the issues

What you’ll learn this week

Define your analysis scope and develop high quality Druids for the subject area.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding and scoping problem areas
  • Learn a technique to scrutinise and improve logic
  • Improved druid quality

Module 2

Current Reality Tree

See how the problems interact

What you’ll learn this week

How multiple druids in a subject space interact with each other, causing each other the get worse and worse! You will use this to uncover the core problem driving the druids to be here in the first place.

Key takeaways

  • Persistent problems in an area have a core underlying driver
  • Combining multiple Druids can be used to uncover the driver

Module 3

Advanced Logic

Getting really accurate on Cause and Effect

What you’ll learn this week

A structured process to analyse your own and other’s logic and identify the key holes in the logic. Useful for building robust analysis and arguments as well as hearing errors in other’s logic.

Key takeaways

  • The ability to diagram and think in really clear cause and effect logic
  • A set of concerns that can be used to analyse logic for flaws
  • A strong analysis?

Module 4

Advanced Injections

Get creative to solve the core problem

What you’ll learn this week

Develop your assumption and injection skills to tackle even the toughest and highest value situations.

Key takeaways

  • Increased ability to uncover assumptions
  • Develop more and better injections
  • Learn to use injections to resolve core conflicts

Module 5

Future Reality Tree

Logically check and communicate solutions

What you’ll learn this week

Use a process to apply your injection ideas to the analysis to rigorously check they will have the intended effect on the subject area.

Key takeaways

  • A communication map of how the solution set solves the problems in an area
  • Skills at mapping positive cause and effect changes

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