Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp

The Boot Camp will help you to understand why (and how) systems or workplaces become very stable.

Thinking Process Tools with ViAGO International

The Boot Camp will help you to bring others along in the change process, by increasing your ability to communicate the changes in a compelling, clear and logical way.

Powerful Business Solutions under 90 days

These solutions will far outweigh the time and money invested in the boot camp.

Change rapidly without creating undesirable instability.

Do you like systems, rules and structures Or do you challenge the rules and run your own race?

Graduates of the Black Belt in Thinking Boot Camp gain three outcomes:




A Breakthrough Solution is built

  • You will build a cause and effect map to clarify the problems of your current situation, and drill down to the core problem.
  • You will create your desired future reality and solve the core problem.
  • You will build an implementable road map to make the changes and create your future reality.

A toolset of business tools is learned

  • Day to day tools which enable you to accelerate personal or group decision-making, resolve conflicts, and overcome obstacles.
  • Strategic tools for planning and creative problem-solving learned as part of the building of your breakthrough solution.
  • Implementation tools for generating buy in and motivating change in people’s actions.

A change in thinking

  • You will think more clearly about cause and effect.
  • You will more easily comprehend the logic behind other people’s decisions.
  • You will more effectively identify and overcome obstacles.

Boot Camp Stories

GW Scott & Associates

The Black Belt in Thinking course is a big investment in money and time. But what value it turned out to be. Being locked away for 8 straight days with the sole focus of using a new set of tools to solve your business’s problem, is a necessity that feels like a luxury. Read more….

WiseTech Global

I was not sure what to expect after being asked to attend a seven day 7am until 10pm “Black belt in thinking” course at the top remote mountain in New Zealand (given that I am from the UK).  I found the course itself ranged from easy to difficult on the mind and body. Read more…

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