[Podcast] Biases in Property Buying – with Rhiannan Jenkins

July 13, 2022 | Peter Cronin

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In this episode Peter talks with Sydney buyers agent Rhiannan Jenkins about the biases in house buying and how learning about these bias could help you in the future.  

Many of us are convinced we’re logical. But our property buying and selling decisions are rooted in psychological biases, many of which we’re not even aware of.

Rhiannan points out our price perceptions can be framed by messages from the media about pricing. How a price-related frame might work is that as soon as the market levels off we frame the purchase as if it’s suddenly a bargain.

Listen in to find out what other biases we often don’t realise we have when in the process of buying or selling a house.

You find Rhiannan here:
[email protected]

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