[Podcast] Rodney Daut – Using Thinking Tools to create courses and workshops

May 24, 2023 | Peter Cronin

Picture of Rodney Daut, guest and peter Cronin, host

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Listen in to this episode as Peter Cronin talks with Rodney Daut, a course creator himself, about his experience doing the Black Belt in Thinking course and what he got out of it!

Building courses and workshops as his job and side business, Rodney was able to apply the BBIT tools to conflicts or issues he was having throughout the 6 weeks the course ran. The exercises throughout the course enable participants to get wins and real life application of the tools from the get go.

Just as we have done to the BBIT course (applied the tools on decisions to do with the course), Rodney was able to apply the same tactic for his own courses and workshops. Which was a very interesting read for our instructors and great to see the outcomes and solutions he came up with.

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