[Podcast] The 5 Whys Thinking Process Review

October 26, 2022 | Peter Cronin

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This week Peter and Mirta discuss the 5 Why’s thinking process!

Sakichi Toyoda, the Japanese industrialist, inventor, and founder of Toyota Industries, developed the 5 Whys technique in the 1930s and Toyota still uses it to solve problems today!

The Five Whys is most effective when the answers come from people who have hands-on experience with the process or problem in question.

The method is remarkably simple: when a problem occurs, you drill down to its root cause by asking “Why?” five times. Then, when a countermeasure becomes apparent, you follow it through to prevent the issue from recurring.

Listen to this episode to find out the benefits, the drawbacks, and some tips and tricks about some ways that you can use the 5 Why’s in your own problem-solving situations.

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