[Podcast] The power of one-liners

October 12, 2022 | Peter Cronin

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This week Peter and Mirta discuss one-liners; simple phrases that encapsulate more complex concepts.

A lot of the time we may agree on a solution or a course of action, but the day-to-day grind gets in the way, and old habits kick in. Before soon, we end up doing things that end up compromising that agreement.

This is where one-liners come in. They are short and punchy phrases that are repeated and act as pattern interrupts in situations where someone is going against the agreed course of action.

For example, even if we all agree we will not re-schedule the jobs once the Sprint starts, someone inevitably has a job they want to squeeze in mid-Sprint. When this happens, a simple “shoving it in won’t make it come out” can stop the behavior without the need for confrontational “telling off” or long-winded explanations as to why we shouldn’t overload the developers.

Find out more about one-liners, and how you can use them in your professional and personal life to keep on track!

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