Unlock your thinking potential with the right mechanism

June 29, 2023 | Mirta Fagundes dos Santos

Depicting a metal cutting water jet machine from a close distance.


On the surface, it’s a simple substance that fills our lakes, rivers, and oceans. It is soft and malleable, often seen as harmless, especially in smaller quantities.

But with the right mechanism, and under the right constraints, this simple, formless substance, made of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom, can transform into a formidable force.

Water transforms into one of the most potent cutting tools when pressurized to over 100 gigapascals and forced through a .05ml nozzle. The mechanism of a water jet cutter enables water to cut through the world’s toughest materials, including steel and rock.

So, if water can be transformed into a sharp blade, what weapon can your brain be transformed into under the right conditions?

The magic of a mechanism

In engineering, a mechanism is sort of like a magical box.

You put something in, like a certain amount of energy or a specific type of movement, and the box changes it into something else that you want, like different energy or movement. It’s a lot like how a car takes the energy from gasoline and turns it into the movement that gets you to work.

When you have just the right mechanism, there’s no limit to what you can do. It’s like having a magic wand that can turn any object into gold – your possibilities are endless!

But mechanisms aren’t just about physical stuff – they can also alter how we think.

Unlocking the thinking potential

Just like the right mechanism can transform energy or movement, the right way of thinking can change how we solve problems and make decisions.

‘Thinking processes’ is one such mechanism that enables your brain to take ideas and thoughts and turn them into decisions or solutions to problems. It’s like a factory in your mind, taking in raw materials (ideas), assembling them, checking them against what you already know, and producing finished goods (new knowledge, solutions, or connections between ideas).

If we can apply the constraints of a ‘thinking mechanism’ to our brain, we can unlock our full thinking potential. It’s like finding a secret key that opens up a treasure chest of ideas and solutions.

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